Building from scratch the YOUACT® PET brand and its products identity.

Taking care of our beloved pets starts here: adding supplements to their daily diet to improve their wellbeing and help them feel better and better.

Tribe has aimed at creating an effective and memorable family brand thanks to a naming architecture system. This works to guarantee the association between the main YOUACT® PET identity and it’s products.

  • Brand positioning
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Pack Design
  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Digital Assest

To make every product recognizable on the shelf, each pack was designed with a distinctive and friendly color palette, icon and image.

Following on from the first B2B strategic plan, veterinarians were informed with targeted BTL vehicles.

Print ads in sector magazines, booklets written by specialized copywriters, posters and a branded recipe book explain how YOUACT® PET supplements can support pet health when necessary.

Pet owners were reached by print ads in sector magazines, brochures and posters at their favourite pet shops.

We are a tribe of meaning hunters.
We guide companies in defining their unique meaningful promise and conveying it through relevant messages and actions. As we’ve done for brands such as Jersey Lomellina, YouActPet, Tecno Olivetti, Guidi, Emmentaler, Sector, Movitra, and BSP Luxemburg.