Mmhh Mmhh

A digital campaign, launching Lipton Ice Tea Frutti Rossi with a zing.

Tribe launched the new flavor of Lipton Ice Tea, creating a viral video with the legendary Dan Peterson.

Little red riding hood? No, it’s Dan Peterson! Decades since his last Lipton appearance, we brought the Coach back with a touch of suspense, a whole lot of irony and an unpredictable surprise reveal.

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  • ATL

To reach out to younger target, we took to social media, publishing content in synergy with the viral video and encouraging users to create UGC with the possibility of winning an appropriately icy trip to Greenland!



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To encourage participation in the contest, we created 3 backstage tutorials with the Coach, explaining how to participate and unraveling the secret to the perfect "MMHH MMHH".



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After the massive participation success, we designed a branded press campaign to thank Dan Peterson for our phenomenal victory!

We created a dedicated site for the campaign. As well as watching the video content, users could also upload their very own Dan Peterson parody video and participate in the contest.

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