A tailor-made brand identity that opens up a new chapter of a long story.

Jersey Lomellina decided to show to the world its independent and feminine identity as a leader in the textile industry.

Tribe helped it by defining a strategic brand positioning and, in accordance with the company’s values and purpose, redefined its identity and essence to launch a new website and social media profiles.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Video Content
  • Social
  • Website

The visual identity and all the contents produced, from photos to 3D animations, portrait not only textiles and clothes made of them, but also the commitment to sustainability and the trailblazing vision of this future-driven brand.

How to give a body to a new identity? Letting it speak for itself. Thus, we selected a smooth and warm feminine voice to embody the fascinating spirit of Jersey Lomellina.

Jersey Lomellina always looks beyond and seeks the perfect balance between style and technology. We were inspired by this philosophy and designed a website that combines aesthetics and functionalities, like the textiles comparison tool.

The brand storytelling continues on social media by following a multi-channel strategy.

Among the others, the brand new Instagram profile showcases events, textiles and collaborations while Pinterest reveals the hidden Jersey Lomellina’s inspirational and creative soul.

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