An international editorial project created to build and consolidate the positioning of the Italian luxury brand Guidi.

Risorsa 2 BC&E Festival 3nd Brand Journalism & Publishing

Risorsa 2 CSSDA Special Design Kudos Awarded

Risorsa 2 CSSDA Best Innovation Awarded

Risorsa 2 CSSDA Best UI Design Awarded

Risorsa 2 CSSDA Best UX Design Awarded

The project is the brainchild of Tribe Communication, which developed a multichannel strategy for online communication.

The target audience for the project is every artistic expression of the international contemporary scene, a true niche network that ranges and investigates new performative languages.

  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand design
  • Website
  • Content Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social
  • Print edition
  • Digital PR

A virtual art gallery created to support experimental artists from around the world. Guidi acts as a patron of the arts, subsidizing artists to provide a free space for the underground and avant-garde art scene.


Tribe has assembled and coordinated an editorial team of young sector talents to develop the project's editorial content inside the website.

Tribe also managed and conceived the whole social media aspect.

This included: the opening of Ful/mine Instagram channel and the related communication strategy, content creation, editorial plan management, and a parallel reposting activity via the Guidi Instagram community.

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A dedicated area of the website has been created to allow any artist to upload their work and thus be published within the Ful/mine network.

In addition, Tribe intervened with the implementation of a dedicated newsletter to create a direct dialogue with registered users to receive updates and exclusive contents.

The selection and involvement of artists and personalities from the industry and underground culture was a key step in conveying the project to its target audience.

Tribe also produced a printed version of the Fulmine magazine for promotional purposes, together with the creation of a limited edition art piece commissioned by Guidi.

We are a tribe of meaning hunters.
We guide companies in defining their unique meaningful promise and conveying it through relevant messages and actions. As we’ve done for brands such as Jersey Lomellina, YouActPet, Tecno Olivetti, Guidi, Emmentaler, Sector, Movitra, and BSP Luxemburg.