Re­branding & Visual identity

for the third largest independent full-service law firm in Luxembourg

Bonn Steichen & Partners came to Tribe to consolidate their image as a top tier law firm.

To do so, we completely repositioned the brand, developing a communication platform that could speak to their internal and external stakeholders and differentiate them from their competitors across all touchpoints.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Corporate image
  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Events

We began by Slowstorming® with the partners, deep diving into their most integral values. We discovered that, above all, Bonn Steichen & Partners stands for togetherness, trustworthiness and putting their clients first. From this, we established the brand’s new pay-off: Right by you in Luxembourg.

Furthermore, we recognized that Bonn Steichen & Partners is made up of numerous departments that each perform their own separate roles in harmony - much like an orchestra. Directed by one single musical conductor: the brand.

To highlight this, we incorporated a musical concept into their image and communications. We associated different musical components to each of the partner’s expertises and added themes of fine-tuning, harmony and togetherness into their lexicon.

We designed the firm’s corporate print campaign.

The technical, complex yet visually harmonious musical imagery we selected represents the values of the brand’s new positioning.

By establishing precise guidelines, we applied and communicated the newly developed message and concept through a clear, clean and cohesive image.

The brand’s website got a total transformation.

We began by identifying the site’s potential visitors, clustering them into separate target groups. Through this analysis, we were able to strategically develop the UX, whilst modernizing and stylizing both the site’s content and navigation. We created and coded elegant and engaging features that display the brand’s new identity with conviction.

As always, we developed the site mobile-first ensuring that the mobile layout and navigation were easy-to-use, clear and fluid without compromising on style.

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Finally, we designed their event stands and materials, ensuring that even offline they’ll always be unmistakably BSP.

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